Sapphire Ragdolls

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I am a Midwife who works part time to give me lots of time for breeding and showing my ragdoll cats. My husband is a University Professor in Electrical Engineering who fortunately shares my love of cats. Our 2 boys who are teenagers now also love Ragdolls and are happy to help out with playing and socialization of the kittens. James my oldest considers himself a play specialist! We live in a big house on half an acre in a cul-de-sac, perfect for our precious Ragdolls to keep them safe and happy.

I have always said you have not really had a cat until you have owned a Ragdoll. They are everything you could ever want in a cat and more. They just steal your heart and the only problem is one is never enough. They should come with a warning. They are addictive!
Our Ragdoll Kittens are born in my bedroom to ensure they have their own Midwife present at the birth. After 3 weeks they are moved upstairs with mum where they experience family life with us and they are loved as if they were going to be our own.

I have been a Registered Ragdoll breeder since 2012 and I love every minute of it. Even when they leave us to their hand-picked forever homes. I know they are going to be adored, loved, pampered and all I ask is you give me updates and photos are greatly appreciated.

I am always happy to be contacted at any time, (text please if out of hours) with any queries, concerns, updates. Remember they were my babies first. I was once texted at 11.30 on a Friday night to be asked could their ragdoll kitten eat fresh salmon. My reply was of course, but he might expect it every day from now on.

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